Latest Valentine Day Nail Art 2015 for Savvy Women

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He is special for you; there were a lot of ups and downs in life that you both as a couple has been through. At first it seemed to be easy to be in a relation but later it turned out that life was not that easy it seemed. You have to put up with each other at some point, but there is no denying that love does not cease to exist in your heart no matter what the circumstances have been. Let’s bygone be bygone, it’s the only secret to happy life. Now there comes a time for reunion every year, it’s the time when everything can be forgotten and forgiven such as ignorance, hatred and separation. Why not make the best of it and get your lover back on the track by arranging a meeting with him.

Zebra Printing with white tape in the middle

zebra print valentine day nail art 2015

Logical contrast of white and red, which is also a staple of the day. Some drawings of hearts in the design here and there. It is also called newspaper stamping.

written text valentine's day nails 2015

Pink base manicure with half hearts.

valentine day french manicure red heart 2015

Sweet pointed red heart on white French tips.

sweet french nails for valentine's day 2015

In order to please him, in order to make him to keep staring at you with love, you ought to adorn yourself in every possible way and it’s more indispensable to get a nice makeover done when a special event such as Valentine’s day is just on the edge. You are allowed to do anything you crave for. If you have always avoided wearing red nails during to formalities, you need to forget everything now and get your nails painted to impress the lover. Go for some latest Valentine Day nail art 2015 and show the best of yourself.

Unique way to celebrate the day with floating design.

simple valentine day nail designs 2015

Corset design along with some flowers in the art.

printed pink valentine day nail art 2015

Easy to do Valentine’s day manicure

outlined heart valentine day nails 2015

Not to mention that red is a staple color for all types of lovers’ day, let this color be a hallmark of your Valentine nail arts 2015 as well. Use it as a basic color to make your nails truly lovable and beautiful.

Lolly pop style art done with the pen.

easy valentine day nail art designs 2015

Some sparkling effects with the dotted technique.

laced nails for valentine 2015

Multi-colored painting on the silver base.

multicolored valentine nail hearts

You can do something more classier by using simple ideas such as:

Using pen to write something on the nails and then making two halves hearts in the middle nails, one belongs to you and the other one belongs to him or her.

red heart valentine days nails 2015

It’s my favorite design because the art is done in a polka dot ribbon style which is amazing.polka ribbon valentine day nails 2015

Your nails are an important part of your body language, you move them around when you talk and they are so noticeable when you do something, there has to be a theme for special events to decorate your hands because they can be beautified easily just likes face. I have shared several ideas on the manicure above I hope you’ll like all these latest Valentine’s day nail art ideas.

Though red is considered as a staple color for the day but it’s not a rule that you need to abide by while paintings your toes or tips, you can opt for pink or any other shades but try to add some objects in the designs which relate to the theme. Heart is a common object, besides this one you can include balloons, cakes, some lips and kisses and so on. I have also seen some girls using sparkles and glitters in the design, just pick yours according to the dress that you will don and everything will turn out to be perfectly fine according to the theme of the day.

In this one some stickers are used to add gloss on the surface.

gel nails valentine day


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