Valentine’s Day Nail design ideas for 2015

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Valentine’s Day nail design ideas are plenty for creative minds, all you need to do is figure out the ways to bring out a perfect design by doing experiments. Red is the prime and central color for any valentine’s day nail art, make sure to use it wisely on the art or else you may end up messed up with the theme completely.

The Acrylic Design:

It shows the celebration of the day with the color and some glitter all together.

pearly red valentine's day nails art 2015


Since everything will go romantic on the special day, the word lovely seems to be referring the basic theme or at least its essence very well.

lover valentine's day nails

Small Paintings with a money:

I know a monkey is rarely a sign or symbol for the lover’s day but it definitely is considered a good gift for the lovers. The art is chosen specifically keeping the gift’s in mind.

valentine day nail designs 2015

Some White with the staple colors:

One color can make the design dull and boring so make it visibly noticeable and more enticing some white has been used in the correct way, there are also some stones to beautify it even more.

white and pretty red valentine day nails

The Lovely Baby Pink Base:

This design is not just yummy but also very cool, this could be all girls’ favorite since it has got their favorite baby pink as the base coat in the design.

valentine's day sweet heart nails 2015

The Artistic Pattern:

Just some random drawings beneath the hearts, some ribbons and color fillings would create this nice art in few minutes, you have to do your practice elsewhere on a page before doing it on the finger tips.

valentines day manicure

White and Lovely Pink:

Cool petal shaped hearts are making this design perfect valentine’s nails.

lovely valentine's day nails 2015


Cool Black filled in tips:

You can do this design by using black nail enamel only on the tips, then use your best pen to create these heart shapes, it would be fun.

Valentine's day french nails

stripy pink nails for bbalneitne days

Not to mention that Valentine’s Day is an important day in everyone’s life, this is the time when they can finally express their love, show the gratitude and private emotions to the loved ones and do a lot of the stuff that cannot be done otherwise on normal ways due to hectic work chores.

The water Marbling technique:

A lot of experts have already taught us how to work with the technique to get a floral design or a pattern with some leaf like texture, luckily you can get some sweet hearts as well with it.

love you heart nail arts

The Abstract Boxes:

The boxes can be drawn using the tip technique, grab a nice pen with the white pen and draw these squares on the base of red.


acrylic nail art for valentine

The Word ‘LOVE’:

It’s obvious that this word is written for the special one, if you are in love, the day could be your best time to show off some feelings towards your loved one, write it on your nails.

black nails for valentine day

Fake Nails with decals:

Well you don’t really need to spend a lot of money on buying the decals, it would very costly and out of budget, you can opt for artificial nails and wear them just for the day just in case getting the art done is not possible due to a busy schedule.

designs of nails valentine's days 2015

This is another version of the false nails with too many decals, ribbons stones and stones.

Gel nail art for valentine day 2015


I love you:

This is the most easiest anyone can perform without help from the expert, grab two paints and start doing it now.

iloveu valentineday nails 2015

Tiny-tiny Hearts:

just one heart on valentine's day

The Floating balloon like hearts:

2015 two lovers valentines day nail designs


As a girl you might be doing a lot of stuff ahead of time to keep your skin clean and neat because you will be putting on red or pink makeup on the day for your lover. Some adapts to a certain character for the Valentine’s Day in order to allure the lover, it’s also an excitement to be better than the other days of the years in pink or red outfits.

This season, you will be going to review too many hilarious and mind-blowing Valentine’s Day Nail design ideas for 2015, the ones that have heart in colors are way more attractive than others that are done using pale pink colors. Enjoy this post and check with these wonderful 2015 Valentine’s Day Nail Art ideas.

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