Various Flat top haircut ideas

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We can’t exactly tell you as who invented the flattop hairstyles and flat top haircuts, but it would be long ago somewhere. You might have seen Tony Trabert in the old times who used to wear a sleek flattop with rounded corners.  In fact, the cut has been worn by the U.S. President John F. Kennedy but he rather preferred to have fenders along the cut rather than more angular appearance.

What exactly is a flat top haircut and how it is done? Flat top is a kind of a crew cut where the front hair is graduated at a length of 1 and half cm. The haircut goes from the front hairline to the crown on the back, making a squarish flattop cut that looks different when seen by different angles, it may have sharp or rounded edges. The same goes with the shaft of the hair, for instance the upper sides of the cut can be either boxy or rounded but their corners may have a style such as sharp or rounded depending on the cut.

White men flat top styles

Western style flat top haircuts ideas for men

Unique hipster style high flat top haircuts formen

Modern flat top haircut 2017


The hair on the sides and back of the head is cut very professionally according to the desire of the wearer, it could be tapered short, long, semi-short or medium depending on the face shape.  The flattop is graduated on the top of the head but is curved down the back of the head, it is also tapered near the ears or sometimes between the ears.  Some men love wearing flattop hairstyles with fenders, some wear it with duck tail while others wear simple flattop boogie to look beautiful.

Military style flat top style for men

Hipster style flat top haircut 2017

Flat top side part hairstyle for black men Flat top hipster haircut for men

Flat top hairstyles with fenders aren’t cutting anymore, you’;ll rarely see a man wearing those parted segments of hair that would highlight the cut or its edges. These days, hair isn’t very tapered at the back into a duck tail style because it looks awkward. Most of the mens flat top hairstyles 2017 are kept modern and contemporary where the back or the sides hair is trimmed with the blades or razor, where the hair is cut at a short length just like a butch cut.  Not to mention that, the front hair always stand still for being cut in a flat top.

For controlling and maintaining any flattop hairstyles 2016, one might need to spend money on butch wax which is also known as control wax, it is used for setting out the haircut in its more precised form. The truth is that wearing a flattop is not a joke, one may have to go to get the hair cut or re-cut for general maintenance regularly, after 3 to 4 weeks from the first haircut session. People believe that men can’t wear flattop haircuts at times, because the fashion for the cut was at its peak during 1950s and 1960s,  on the contrary, some athletics and body builders are still wearing the haircut even it’s not in the fashion today as it was forty years ago.

Flat top hipster for men

Flat top hairstyles for men with side parts

Flat top haircutting with side parts

Flat top haircuts with fade for oval shaped faces

Flat top haircuts with fade for black men

Flat top haircut ideas with fades

Flat top hair designs

Flat top hair designs with buzz cut

Black mens flat top hairstyles

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