Transition in Victoria Beckham Hairstyles

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It’s fun to watch celebrities’ hairstyles over the years as they transform. But out of all these celebrities Victoria Beckham is a true hairstyle chameleon. Rocking both the short and long hairstyles here are some of Victoria’s more memorable hairdos.

Check these wonderful Victoria Beckham Hairstyles which she has supported recently, I am not sharing the most common ones which you have already seen, these are the latest styles so I hope you will like them all.

Short Hairstyles

Victoria is known for her ultra cheek cropped hairstyles. Originating in her Popstar days, her short her styles are making a comeback in 2016.

Victoria beckham in classy bob bangs

Pob/ Posh bob

An asymmetric bob invented back in Victoria Beckham’s Spice Girl days. This style has its own name, known as Posh Spice Bob, Pob for short. It’s the template for many of Victoria’s hairstyles to come.

Victoria Beckham posh bob hairstyle

 Cropped Bob

Victoria has been seen rocking a bang  style in bob. She has brought it back in 2015 with a new twist, this time without curl.. It’s all the rage on twitter. The look combines, the Pob with her longer her styles worn in the previous years, giving Victoria the best of both worlds.

Victoria beckham center parted bangs

Power Bob

Bleaching hair platinum blonde doesn’t usually fair well for brunettes, but our beloved star was able to pull it off. By styling her hair into puffy or plush bobs, topping them with a long fringe, and matching the style with the correct outfit; Beckham’s platinum hair is able to stand out beautifully.

Victorial beckham stacked bob black


Victoria Beckham’s pixie hairstyle grants her not only a youthful, but a playful look. Whether it’s a grown out pixie or a short crop, it shows off her beautiful eyes, cheekbones and her unique face structure. This hairstyle suits her better with darker looks rather than the blond or lighter look. Playful and puffier pixies suit our Fashionita better than sleek pixies. Sleeker looks give Victoria Beckham a more mature vibe but doesn’t give our Popstar her vibrant personality.

Victoria beckham short hairstyle new

Long Hairstyles, pony

Not only has Victoria Beckham conquered the domain of short hairstyles. She’s able to rock the longer styles as well. Though her longer hairstyles were subject to controversy since critiques say they aged the x-Popstar. Some were still exceptionally good.

Victoria Beckham casual ponytail style

The shortest

A famous photograph has been circulating featuring the posh fashion designer wearing the side pleat and an orange dress. The haircut works well with the star’s complexion, since her dark brown contrasts beautifully with her features and choice of dress. The haircut gives our beloved star a romantic look.

These hairstyles really bring out the diva in our now fashion designer. When wearing them over darker and modest outfits they really stand out. Our Posh spice doesn’t stop there but adds an Ombre look by playing with her hair’s gradients.

Victoria Beckham shortest pixie haircut

Tousled Ponytail and Updos

These hairstyles definitely give Victoria a more mature and collected look. It gives our star a position of authority as opposed to the more sassy youthful short haired looks.

Victoria beckham casual ponytail hairstyle idea

Messy braid

Victoria Beckham side ponytail

Street style braid with a slightly raised bump

Victoria beckham messy ponytail with updo style

Mohawk braid with a small pompadour

Victoria Beckham in pompadour with braid

The flower updo for the partyclassy flower bun of Victoria beckham

She keeps experimenting with new styles, I will update this article with more of her styles which she will wear this year.

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