Vintage Braids and Fontage Hairstyles

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Have you ever wondered as how ladies of the old times were doing their hair since there was no fashion for bob cut, waves or layers at that time? Old-times used to grow their hair long because they thought that it was essentially a part of their beauty which shouldn’t be compromised at all.  In the 14th, 15th, and 16th century, women were not allowed to cut their hair short by their parents unless they were to join an army or some kind of government institutions. Some certain hairstyles were even been associated with the professions, celebrities would wear medium hair with chignons, queens would wear braid or kept their hair tied up most of the times whereas maids would wear intricate braiding hair.
Today I am going to discuss some fontage hairstyles that are inspired by the women of the 17th and 19th centuries. A fontage is a kind of hairstyle where front hair is styled higher than the rest of the hair. The style is also known by a second name ‘frelange’, it became very famous all over the Europe and was often being supported with hair accessories such as ribbons, bows, commodes and like.  The hairstyle was in particular associated with those who were working in the assembly or were a part of it in any way. In England and several other countries, the hairstyle has gotten another name ‘top-knot’ as the hear is tied up on the front, sometimes making small rounded knots but the same is not seen in all the frelange hairstyles, especially ones where front hair is curled, coiled or turned to chignons.
A framework would often be used to support the height of the hair on the front. The term Fontage is basically a name for the Marquise de Fontage, a famous mistress of King Louis XIV of Frame. There is a legend that the couple went for hunting one day together and the mistress lost her cap during the trip, she didn’t know how to handle her hair that was interrupting with her focus so she tied her hair with the ribbon to give it a temporary support.  Her style impressed several ladies of the country so it was imitated by women of all ranks, but sometimes in a more different styles as it would pass on from one to another.
The hairstyle of Mistress ‘Fontage’ because complex later as women did additions of ribbons, hair accessories, fabric and laces to make it more personalized and by the 1680s it became so much complicated that women found it hard to wear and create it and eventually the hairstyle went out of fashion. There was a time when fontage hairstyles were forbidden to be worn at some important French State occasions.
Today Frelange hairstyles don’t have a name in any category of ‘high-class fashion haircuts of 2014’ but some hairdressers are trying to recall and revive the history by reliving the fashion of old times. All these pictures of fontage hairstyles 2014 are just an exemplary inspirations of old styles that women of 17th and 18th centuries used to wear with pride.

Just like fontage hairstyles, vintage braids also have some history. The braiding trend was started by Afro-American men and women but there were some cultural women who used to wear intricate braids as well even they had no connection with afro-american ethnicity. Those women were usually belonged to high rank or respect such as queens and princesses.

vintage braid inspired by 1960s

frontage hairstyle inspired by Victorian times

black vintage braid idea fantastic auburn theme vintahe braid idea



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