cute violet ombre short hair

A number of merchants have created hair dye specifically designed for customers seeking the ombre hair colored look. Dyed from roots to tips with a two-tone look is very popular at this time. One of the trendiest is the violet ombre hairstyles.

Purple hair is exhilarating and breathtaking to look at. A number of fans are all about the color violet. They want their tips or ends to have that beautiful purple look and feel. When you do not want to have it professionally done in a salon, do it yourself at home. One option to investigate is using hair chalk to get the violet ombre look. Chalk is more addictive than dye for a violet ombre effect for a number of reasons.

The best benefits realized using this method is how easy it makes controlling how much or how little color is added to the hair and where you apply it. The second biggest advantage is the depth of color or the hue you control. Many also see the fact this is a temporary product as a big advantage.

Unlimited colors

Unlimited choices of color are available for your purple expression. Ombre hair chalk pigments are subtle or brash, depending on the user. The average kit will include five to six different pigment shades of color of purple. Ranging from lighter to darker you are able to combine them to make any outcome you wish.


Katy perry's violet ombre

See how beautifully different colors are merged into ombre.violet ombre hairstyles

Lighter hair works best for violet ombre hairstyle:

Adding a light to dark dimension is a brilliant contrast to lighter hair. Although darker hair will also work to make the same ombre violet using chalk, lighter hair gives the most contrast and will make the violet ombre coloring really stand out. Another option is leaving space between portions of hair chalked. This is distinct and makes you really stand out.

Add blue

Add a little blue tint to get an electrifying effect or new tint to your purple impressions. Blue fading into purple or purple to blue is breathtaking. Using hair chalk enables you to vary the shade depending on what your wear on a particular day or how you wear your makeup which enhances your overall look. If you check out latest violet ombre hairstyles , you will notice that models are using a lot of bright hues such as blue, red, and green besides family colors like plum, lily, pastel, and purple.

violet blue ombre hairstyles

Hair extensions

If your hair is not long enough for the electrifying appearance you seek or dramatic enough try adding hair extensions. These are also wonderful when you do not want to add the chalk to your real hair. Simply add the coloring to the extensions. Pull your real hair up and attach the extensions underneath. It would be easy to pull off a temporary violet or purple ombre hairstyles than getting your hair dyed permanently.

violet purple ombre for black women


The temporary distinctive look is attractive for anyone wanting a purple ombre  hairstyles look on Saturday night, but needs to have their own hair color come Monday morning. With hair dye you will have the violet dimension for weeks of Saturday nights.  If you do not get the coloring you wanted, this could be weeks of hating how your hair looks.

violet plum ombre for curls

Some splitting ideas:

You die one section in violet and the other one in a different shade.

violet blue split hair style

Here it one ombre with pink on one side and violet on the other.

pink violet split hairstyle idea

Mix some purple with the color. She is wearing a nice bob with different shades of purple.

cute violet ombre short hair

Ombre ideas for black women. Can you see some pink hues in the coils? They are looking lovely.

violet ombre curly hairstyles

She has given her Mohawk a vibrant twist of violets and pinks and she is looking amazing.Violet ombre for short hair

In conclusion

The versatility chalking allows for the violet ombre hair effect is enormous. This is an easy way to control the color and keep a temporary look and feel of the violet ombre hairstyle. You are able to pinpoint and detail areas of your hairstyle which is not always an option when you use hair dyes. When you decide to do the violet ombre hair style yourself, consider hair chalk as a valid alternative with a number of benefits you simply cannot ignore.


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