Wedding hairstyles 2016 for girls

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On your wedding, anything short of regally, isn’t for you. The cameras and naked eyes are all over you so you’d want to accentuate your best features and hide your weaknesses and this is where your hairstyle comes in. if for example, you have a thin and long kind of face, then something that adds volume to your face is the ideal choice.
This year has seen a fair share of weddings and while some brides had great hairstyles, some weren’t so great, and some were total failure. From amongst the great hair styles, here is a few to make your wedding memorable for the rest of your life.
Modern ponytails: Popular wedding hairstyles 2016
This is easy to create with the ponytail tied up or woven in to a round knot at the back. The front of the hair is styled into bangs that cover the fore head. It’s especially good for those with prominent foreheads.

modern pony curl wedding hairstyles
Sophisticated French bun: Trendy wedding hairstyles 2016
A little bit of flicks is added around the face so that there are loose and dangling hair around the cheek bones. It is especially good for short brides. The bun can be formed differently in order to bring out some uniqueness in the makeup.

French twists idea for brides 2016

Summer Updo: Modern wedding hairstyles 2016 for girls

This is great for outdoor weddings. What’s more, it’s neat and keeps the hair from dangling down your neck while making you really pretty. They could be anything from simple to modern to boho style, all you need to do is just decorate some flowers on it.

wedding updo ideas for women

weaved and interlocked hair.

weaved hair for the brides

Twisted and molded braid updo for the brides.
beautiful wedding hairstyles for women

Glam finger waves  hairstyles 2016

It’s a side-swept hairstyle that made Jessica Alba sexier. Just give your shoulder length curls a parting.
Whatever your choice know you’ll look great and we’ll love you. Just style the waves the way you want and finger brush them. Weave some lilies or roses or beads if you have time, normally you should have this work done by someone else who’s expert in making styles, doing so is necessary to avoid mistakes and bringing a flawless appeal to the hairstyle.

modern wedding hairstyles medium hair

Ringlets and chignons:

They have been famous for several years, it’s just that some creative minds help us get new ideas by introducing good styles in form of flowers, ringlets and chignons. The good way of carrying these heavy styles is wearing a nice yet delicate outfit with lace and net detailing.  The softness of the dress would add to the beauty of the hairsty


wedding updo ideas for women

These are amazing ringlets.

wedding hairstyles ringlets 2016

Something extraordinary every bride should try.

wedding hairstyles ideas for girls 2016

Various ideas.

wedding hair styling idea

Not typical.

unique front braid for the brides

Crown braid always turns you in a winner.
crown braid idea for brides

Styling idea for short bridal hairstyle idea fo short hair

Nonetheless these are just few ideas, the internet is full of useful info but the truth is only few ideas are practicable and applicable in real life and I have shared only those who are easy to try and make, hope you will like these.






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