Wedding Nail art Ideas for brides

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If you are one of a busy type of office lady who is planning to be tied in a long term relation in the upcoming days, you must try to explore the current bridal trends just to look perfect on your wedding day.  It’s good to be concerned about your wedding dress ( I am pretty sure it is going to be a pretty and peaceful white with beautiful details of beads), but don’t just forget your nails because they can express you better anything, making you more noticeable on the event. I am sure you have already seen some bridal nail artwork being performed and done at the beauty parlor but don’t know as how to do it in real time at home. Many ladies believe that nail decorations are an easy task to do at home, well they are right to some extent, nail art designs are easy to make but not the ones that require intricate manual work and efforts. If you will try to get any design done on your wedding day with little to no knowledge, chances are the design will end up with a lot of flaws and it will definitely lack a sleek finish which it must have.

If you really want to do your bridal nails art yourself and have a passion for creating strong, compelling and memorable designs, you must have these accessories and nail art tools at hom.

Practice beforehand: To be able to create an impeccable bridal nail design, you must have some ideas to get started with the practice. I am going to share some pictures of bridal nails that not only have catchy designs and finish but also an intense amount of attraction. Honestly, doing it yourself is not a wise thing because your design needs  to be flawless which is possible only when you hire someone else for the work.

Themes in white: Most often the wedding dress would be white especially if you live in a western countries where brides don’t wear any other color than the white alone on the special day. Keeping in view the color of the outfit, you will want to have a manicure that can stand along with the dress regardless of the details. Nevertheless, these days nail artists are using a lot of materials to make a good match with the dress so that the nails look like a part of the overall makeover rather than just an ordinary manicure. For instance, with a lace dress you can wear laced up nail decor on the day, which can be done by the expert by using the real time design. Sometimes, a small portion of the lace is cut down from the dress to be added later in the nail art for wedding.

More decals, the prettier hands

Decals can make your hands more noticeable and beautiful besides making your nails edgy in appearance. Some common materials which have been added to the art these days include stones, gems, nuggets, super glitter and beads. An adhesive glue is used for applying the decals onto base coat and then a top coat is applied only if it needed, not always though.

Check these wonderful wedding nail art ideas for brides to feel inspired.

Love for him

you love me i do wedding nail art design

Hearts and Affection

white hearts wedding nail art design

Delicate flowers
wedding nail art designs for bride

Glitter and Sugary design

wedding nail art design for brides

Stones and Beads, a perfect style

wedding manicure with stones for brides

Ombre like a soft petal

wedding manicure in two color contrasts

Jeweled nail tips and beauty

stones on round tips wedding nail art

Full of glamour and fancy stones

sleek wedding nail design ideas unique

Resin flower on acrylic nails

resin flower tips manicure idea for brides

Something extraordinary for the brides

compact stone wedding nail art design for brides

Lines on manicure
compact lines wedding nail art design

Bride and groom nails

brides and groom wedding manicure idea

Stones and color contrast
blue pastel wedding manicure

These are some of those nail art designs which I truly adore.


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