glittery wedding nails 2016

When it is your special day you want everything perfect. You have the right dress, shoes, hair and do not forget your nails. There are a lot of great ideas to make your nails fall into this category if you know where to look. Follow some of these great design ideas for wedding nails that will be unique.

French tips with glitter wedding nails 2016

Glitter is always a favorite. It reminds you of fairy tales. The French tip with glitter instead of polish at the nail bed is a nice way to have long or short nails displayed. It gives the usual French manicure a pick up and is easy to do in a salon or at home. Use glitter that is silver or gold to match the jewelry, especially the wedding rings the couple wears.

gemstone on wedding nails 2016

wedding manicure shortest nails

Lace wedding nails 2016

Adding lace to nails incorporates all that is wedding related, especially the dress. Place real lace on the nail in place of polish. You can do this easily at home.

Get lace from any craft store. Cut it to fit each nail, use clear nail polish as an adhesive and apply lace using your fingers and a toothpick. Cut any excess easily with a pair of scissors. Another alternative is simply lace the tips.

Although this look is not very durable and shouldn’t get wet, it is one of the best unique designs for wedding nails. Adding an extra layer of clear as a top coat will get you a little more wear from your lace and cut down on fraying.

wedding nail art 2016 lace

With use of lace as well.

french manicure wedding nails

Glitter nails all around

If you happen to love glitter, do more than the tips. An easy way to get an extra spark to glitter nails is using glitter eye shadow in your wedding colors. You can choose one color or alternate between two colors, one for every other nail.

Use a base coat of clear or a pale solid tint which will show your glitzy decoration best. While polish is still wet, add eye shadow. You can dip the tips into the color of your choice or sprinkle over the entire nail. Add a top coat to make it stick. glittery wedding nails 2016

Bride and groom wedding nails 2016

One very funny and cute idea for unique wedding nail designs is to get the bride and groom outlined on your nails. Either have one nail of each hand done or all of your fingers. Designs of the bride and groom as a picture of a person or a simple representation of each can be added to the nail.

Have the bride designed as a wedding dress by using a white French manicure tip with a string of pearls and your groom is a facsimile of a tuxedo front with a tie.

Having everything flawless and impeccable is every bride’s wish. Along with the dream of perfection, she is also imagining being special and unique. These are some of the best unique wedding design ideas.

bride groom wedding nail design 2016

Bride Groom theme with more stones

short wedding nail art designs 2016

Wedding nails 2016 with rhinestones
For getting a little sparkle and shine in your nails you can sprinkle rhinestones everywhere on your nails in different directions over or within design. When light falls down on your nails they shine like real stars and your beauty gets a boost automatically.

wedding nail art for short nails

Use of resin flowers in wedding nails 2016cute glittery wedding nail art 2016

Abstract designabstract wedding nail art 2016

You can use stones of any color in your art, they can be red, white or any color that matches your wedding dress.





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