Wedding Ring Tattoos can show your commitment

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As new trends always occupy our minds so it’s not new that wedding ring tattoos have become a major wedding style in many areas of Europe, Japan and China, not just modern couples are raving about these rings but also those whose religions don’t allow them to go for inking. If you are going to be married soon, you should consider getting wedding ring tattoos inked on the fingers, but keep in mind that once done these designs are hard to get rid of. Laser tattoo removal could be a costly preposition for both of you, it may take both of you to spend thousands of dollars for the removing process and it’s definitely going to be painful as well. If you think you are sure about the relation and its solidity and that you have decided to live with each other for the rest of life, you can surely opt for the wedding ring tattoo designs but beware that removal is not easy. Let’s suppose you break up in the middle, after few years of the wedding, it will be useless to remorse later for having the inked work done on the finger. It’s sort of a permanent art that is likely to leave scars or some marks for a long time period.

¬†True Meanings of Wedding Ring tattoos: When you have a wedding ring tattoo on the finger, it makes you bound to be a good wife or husband and for the sake of sacred relationship you both need to respect the bond you have made. The ring set is a kind of bond love itself. Ring tattoos are widely being used in lieu of diamond or sapphire rings but it doesn’t mean they hold no values or don’t have any effect on the relation. In fact, these rings are so permanent, so realistic and so appealing that you will eventually feel they are more valuable than the expensive metals you have collected in years.

Under what conditions couples consider wedding ring tattoos: Couples may have plenty of reasons for choosing the wedding ring tattoos over traditional ring sets. One on the top of all is financial problem, many couples opt for the designs and keep them in the place until they afford to buy real diamonds. So these rings become an ultimate reminder of the love and relation when diamonds are missing for some reasons. The second reason is trend and style, couples of the modern times seek for uniqueness in every way of life, they think that everything should be special even the rings that they will wear for each other so they simply their fingers inked despite of the pain involved in the procedure. The third and last reason for the couples to choose wedding ring tattoo could be different, maybe one of two partners is allergic to metal and their skin doesn’t response well to gold, silver or platinum jewelry so they take the best short-cut by getting tattoos done.

Uniqueness in the wedding ring tattoo designs: A wedding ring tattoo could be anything- name initials, roman letters, date of birth of the partners, their full name, a love quote, heart and key, colorful heart with a feather, some charms or special locations, simple patterns, tribal figures or tattoo marks, or anything but it should be very attractive. I am sure you have already searched the term ‘Best or Unique wedding ring tattoo designs’ in the Google many times but it is returning the same, old results, giving an impressive as if there are just few tattoo masterpieces for the couples to choose from. I have made my own collection and now I am sharing it with you, I hope you will really like these fantastic wedding ring tattoo designs.

I love you on her finger and I know on his finger.



wedding ring tattoos love youOne heart is dark black with no crown while other one has a crown inside tattoo.

wedding ring heart tattoo ideas

Two hearts on their fingers, they define love and unity.two hearts wedding ring tattoo ideaThe couple usually promises to stay together till the death so this message makes a good sense.

till death wedding ring tattoo idea

Just another idea for ring ideas for fingers

Mr on his finger and Mrs on and mrs wedding ring tattoos

Lion with heart and some arabic text.

mindblowing wedding ring tattoo designs

Shamrock style marking in the band and one leaf on her finger.

leaf wedding ring tattoo

Diamond and band.

diamond band as wedding ring tattoo ideas

Abstract lines on his finger and heart on her finger.
cute wedding ring tattoo finger bands

Name of the couple. His name on her ankle and her name on his finger.couples name as wedding ring tattoo for couples

A religious marking for the couple.

christian wedding ring tattoo

Hearts and bow in the design.

bow heart wedding tattoo for fingers

Anchor is completed with her tattoo and is connected with the heart.anchor heart tattoo ring ideas for couples


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