Weird Victor and Rolf dresses

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If you are in love with bizarre outfits you should check out these weird Victor and Rolf dresses whose cuts are beyond the ordinary fashion line.

Only few fashion followers actually know about a creative fashion house called Victor and Rolf which was established in 1993 by two friends Victor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren. These friends seem to have an excellent power to invest in field of art as most of their dresses are designed beyond an average designing measure where layers are topped up on an already multi-layered dress and is later cut in different pieces professionally.  Many dresses designed by the company are nontraditional or way too contemporary that nobody can afford to don such marvelous pieces as the society doesn’t want to accept fashion even if there are seemingly some flaws which are not flaws in real if you think of them as an ‘artists’ in fact they are a part of creativity. If someone points out to your dress by shrugging their shoulders  in despise just to make a mention of a big hole in your dress, you will feel insulted about it, but what if the dress is designed with a big hole in it, which is cut into deep layers for the sake of modern fashion? Would you still be feeling insulted, this is a question? Anything adhering to the latest fashion and designed by talented mind has a worth in art but if it  is slightly different from traditional mode in behavior, it would be considered just a work of art not something that could kiss the market or be a demand of fashionable ladies. However, ladies with real love of fashion aren’t afraid of going to any length when it comes to looking different-maybe totally distinct in personality as compared to other ordinary girls, walking on the fashion road by grabbing on the latest trends only.
There are so many weird dresses designed by Victor and Rolf to the date, but I would like to share here few of the sleekest designs that are impressive even if they are different.  In some dresses, there are visibly big holes, big cuts into cuts, multi flayers, and more importantly you have got to check for the structure of the dress, I mean the fabric besides just the shape. The multi-layered fabrics might have been too been heavy for the models to display on the runways. Besides, organza and tulle is used in the designed, within skirts, but the cut is different wherein fabric is stiched from shoulder or skirt or so on in different order for a delicate finish.
All the weird dressed designed by Victor and Rolf are somewhat inspiring for those who love working on art and ones having greatest ideas on how can a dress be altered with cuts or designs.

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