Winter Nail Art Inspirations 2015

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It’s cold outside because the temperature is freezing but it cannot stop us from doing our daily household choirs. We cannot forget about fashion either because this is something without which we never dreamed of living. Though there is enough housework to keep us busy but we must not forget that one should pay enough time on personal grooming to look wonderful. If you look wonderful you will be loved and adored by everyone.

The amazing contrast of yellow and purple! Two nails are just painted in plain colors for grace and beauty.

yellow winter flowers nails

So many leaves fall during winter, the theme of leaf is perfect for any nail art work.

feather winteer nail art designs 2015

Light Grey is the best wintry shade for nail designing.


golden valentine's day nail art 2015

How about using pastel purple with glitter for special events and ceremonies.

pink glow winter nails 2015

The simple strip design with one glittery nail.
simple strips winter nail designs 2015

Most beautiful purple flowers prints for the art.

flowery winter nail designs 2015

Icy blue sparkle with the stones.

winter season snow designs on nails

blue furr winte rnails

Pink base coat with the white paint in the flower petals.



pink nail art for winter 2015

I have come up with some winter nail art inspirations for 2015 for those ladies who want to look their best even in cold. No matter if the temperature outside is not allowing you step out, if it is making you stay in your cozy quilt, you must do something for yourself.

blue ombre for winter 2015

The stag is a sign of Christmas, so you can wear it before that special day as well.
pink snow winter nails 2015

I am sure you will be buying a lot of winter sweater, how about creating a matching nail art to suit your regular outfits.

white sweater winter nail art designs 2015

The frozen trees in a far away lake- this is an amazing theme for the winter. The drawing has very distinct trees, the dark ones are on the front which shows a small distance whereas the faded trees seem to be falling at a long distance from the sight.

winter nail designs 2015

Heart with flowers.

valentine's skull and heart winter nails 2015


Penguin is another wintry character so this is the best way to draw it in your art. Make sure to use light and dark colored nail polishes for getting a perfect design like this.

white penguin winter designs for nails

What does a snow particle remind you of? It reminds you of the cold outside besides the harshness of the weather that you need to endure, right?

violet snow winter nails 2015

Oh these hot, scarlet red flowers on the base of white are truly amazing, do you agree? You don’t see such colors in the cold days unless you have home grown your personal garden in the backyard.

roses of winter nails 2015

The perfect party design for all fashion lovers. Add some glitter in v shape in the center for adding the grace in a simple pattern.

party nails for winter

grey sweater winter nails

beautiful acrylic nail designs of sweater

glitter blue winter nails

The mountains are covered with the heavy snow, the dense fog is making it utmost impossible for our eyes to see even the closest trees of the terrorist, there are leaves everywhere. The forests are barren and free of colors, seemingly have just white snow all over but let’s not forget that the nature is still there.

purple nails winter 2015


The major winter nail art inspirations for 2015 include winter sweater, speckles snowflakes and particles, some trees and more blue glittery haze where the white is mixed thoroughly to create an exact winter theme.


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