Winter Sweaters with Stones for Personalization

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Stones on sweater? Oh, it looks so unnatural and so unreal though, some amateur fashion ladies are wearing sweaters with an extra added glam of stones this winter and it’s because they want to change the boring clothing trends for the colder days. That’s not just it, in additional to adorning their  winter sweaters with stones, they complete their glamorous winter makeover by accessories their hands with either rings having oval shaped crystal in or necklaces with big stones. So now we should be sure that stones have found their new places in winter clothing as well, before they were used excessively in makeup, nail art, shoes, and eyes makeup artwork only. This is a kind of a new addition in our information!  So what if sweaters with stone embellishment aren’t available there? If you have hard time finding one, you can use a glue to decorate your sweater or wool shirt yourself; working with the latter clothing material would be somewhat difficult so choose the right fabric for the artwork.

For a perfect winter clothing presentation, she has done nice work on her nails, instead of using glitters or stones; she applied random nail polish colors on her fingernails to match the outfit. Her sweater has strips in the designs, if you want to use any other random design of your choice there is no restriction. Just keep in mind that certain designs are not easy to work with being dense in patterns or being so dark in color, you have to pick up your design very carefully if you want to decorate some oval or diamond shaped crystals on it.

Love the white oval stones on the purple winter sweaters and I am also impressed by the nail art she is sporting with her accessories like bracelets and a ring.

winter sweaters with stones

What a nice wrist band in metallic touch to wear with the winter shorts.

pastel nail art with band


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