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Zayn Malik from One Direction is all the rage these days. Not to mention, he’s been stealing everyone’s thunder with his high taste in fashion. One of his best fashion traits is the hairstyles he fairs. His most popular haircut features shortly trimmed sides and longer hair near the crown. The beauty of this style is the possibilities with it are endless. Zayn knows that for a fact and is always seen styling his hair differently on all occasions, casual and formal. Here are some all time popular Zayn Malik hairstyles that made a big buzz in the fashion industry, if you adore him a lot you will love these.

Regular cuts for inspirations

This is the most classical hairstyle for Zayn Malik and is no doubt also the best. It gives Zayn a youthful vibe. The hair was swept to the side in a bowl haircut like fashion when Zayn was younger. In the updated style, the luscious ends are arranged and cut to give pointed edges. It gives Zayn a more casual and elegant look while somewhat preserving the baby face element.

Wonderful Pointed spikes are set.

zayn malil caesar hairstyle

It’s kind of plain cut with some edgy appeal. The bangs are falling over the year, making him more attractive to eyes.zayn-malik-one-direction-mainQuiffed Hair

Not only is this haircut popular with other singers like Justin Bieber? It suits Malik perfectly. This hairstyle can be easily achieved by teasing the hair with styling products backwards in an upward curve.  The style is also up to date with today’s fashion as it was worn by other famous celebrities e.g. Twilight’s actor, Robert Pattinson , and Youtube star Joey Graceffa. In comparison with the other famous celebrities though, Zayn’s dark hair and features make this style more unique for him.

Quiff is fairly rolled up here in shape of a crescent moon.

regular punk hairstyle of zayn malik

Here you can it’s brushed upward in a punk style.zayn malik quiff with golden streaks

Blonde Streaked Quiff

The look is completed by dying the front part of his quiff blond.  It works for the famous singer because it contrasts his dark brown hair, brightening his otherwise dark feature and giving the illusion of an exaggerated bob.  The hairstyle also highlights Zayn’s best feature; his face. His highlights have got a lot of attention in media and a lot of celebrities are replicating Zayn Malik’s hairstyle to be more trendy and smart.

cute golden streaks zayn malik

Curly or wavy

The curly quiff is a variation of the regular quaff where quiffed is styled into a swirl. But Malik doesn’t leave it just at that. He adds a blonde streak to match. The blond makes the swirl visibly pop out against his dark hair. Just like a painting on canvas.  Zayn’s hair appears like a literal wave. The style draws attention to his face and dark eyes. Quiffs are among most popular hairstyles of Zayn malik all these years.

zayn malik regular haircut

Hipster Look

Not only are Zayn Malik’s hairstyles stylish they are also event appropriate. Slicked back hairstyles makes Malik look mature. This style can be easily achieved by slicking back the bangs backwards, flatly. This is unlike a quiff which is curvier. It makes Zayn seem more mature. And he’s able to carry his weight in special events. With an elegant tie, suit and earrings to match, Malik can’t go wrong with this hairstyle. Zayn Malik’s slicked back haircut isn’t much popular especially among those youth groups who are accustomed to seeing him in quiff only. So, quiff remains one of the best Zayn Malik hairstyles.

zayn malik rockability hairstyle

You can see the hair standing all over, it is styled with gel.

2013 American Music Awards

Another inspiration.zayn malik hipster hairstyle

Cool style with braid and pony

zayn malik braid with ponytail

I hope you have enjoyed my collection of Zayn Malik hairstyles, these are remarkable. He keeps on changing his cut from time to time which makes him more vibrant and fashionable of course.



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