Violet Hair Braid Tutorial

You’ve just got a call from your friend who told you that there is an unexpected party being thrown by a friend who’s got promotion tonight. You are excited about it because you’ve just dyed your hair last week and it’s finally the time to get some applause for your high fashion. But the party’s announced out of the blue and you didn’t make many preparations for it. Though you already have some nice clothes hanging in your wardrobe but what’s about the hairstyle? How about making a purple hair braid? For your assistance and guide, here is one wonderful purple hair braid tutorial.

purple hair braid on crown

The braid is basically done on the crown, it’s easy to make it in front of the mirror but you have got to brush your hair very carefully and need to prepare it for the hairstyle. The rest of the procedure would be easy to do. Just pick the three loops of hair for making the braid and do it as mentioned in the purple hair braid tutorial.

Steps to perform:

  1. To begin with you need to dye your hair in a purple or violet color for you can use semi-permanent hair dye. This dye lasts for few weeks only and it washes off itself as you take bath.  It’s easy to get rid of semi-permanent or temporary color, if you don’t want color to last even the time span of two days you can simply use a hairspray to get the color.
  2. Prepare your hair by using some hair wax.
  3. Set some loose curls in the hair by using the machine, if you use rollers you can use them instead of a machine.
  4. Make two sections of your hair, this model has a fringe on the front hair so it’s easy to do the partition.
  5. Clip up the hair at the back side and leave the front hair as it is.
  6. Take two small hair sections, each from one side of the head.
  7. Weave your braid by using three hair strands and now pin the strand coming from the right to the left side and the left one on the right.
  8. Perform a very light backcombing on the hair you clipped at the back, set the hair and you are ready now.
  9. Alternatively you can make a beehive on

This braid will create two headbands that would overlap onto each other in a unique manner. You can increase the number of braids to get more thickness in the band.

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